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 Newington – Budget – 2020
Budget Breakdown
The $9 million town budget breakdown for 2019 is shown below with approximate aggregations into principal categories. The largest item, sewer projects, are partially offset by planned tax increases for the commercial beneficiaries.
 Newington – Town Affairs – 2019
 Developer Dairy – You Heard It Here First – Saturday, February 9, 2019
AlphaStar Chases the Singularity
Something extremely important has just happened in the field of AI which has significant implications for mankind. After about 2 years of effort, DeepMind has figured out how to succeed at StarCraft. On December 10, 2018, their Starcraft AI called "AlphaStar" beat a strong amateur for the first time and two weeks ago it beat a second-tier professional player 10-1 in a live event. AlphaStar uses a new method of neural network training that promises to give computers the ability to create genuine strategies for the first time--the last remaining serious obstacle to achieving artificial intelligence. ....
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