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Use SVG to Create Scalable Graphics
An underutilized format that is worth learning more about is Scalable Vector Graphics. With SVG you can describe and position geometry, text and images on page with a relatively small file. Since all SVG objects are scalable, it is easy to make all or part of your drawing bigger or smaller. This is great for the web where screen size is unpredictable and users need to shrink or magnify things. I just used SVG to publish my candidate brochure on my web site. I just created a Word file, saved it as SVG, and then embedded the link to the SVG in my website. It was sized perfectly, first time, with no adjustment. Other formats like HTML or PDF would have had all kinds of hassles and would not be scalable. If you are doing graphics, or even just plain web publishing, SVG is a great tool for fast results with small file sizes. ....
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